Andrew C. Johnson
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“The Future of Digital Denture Design”

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As an internationally-known speaker and dental thought leader, Dr. Johnson lectures on insights and implications of modern digital technologies. Some of his recent lectures were for ClearChoice doctors and administrators and Global Dental Science engineers and technicians in the Netherlands, and he is a keynote speaker for the International Digital Denture Symposium in Atlanta this Fall.

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About Dr. Johnson

Dr. Andrew C. Johnson completed his general dental and prosthodontic training at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center in Memphis and now operates a multi-specialty private practice in Rogers, AR. Dr. Johnson focuses on coordinating high-level interdisciplinary care by merging the best of traditional methods with cutting-edge computer technology.

As a board-certified prosthodontist, much of his clinical interests involve dental implants and digital prosthetics—from three-dimensional diagnostics, virtual treatment planning and guided surgery, to digital prosthesis design, fabrication and long-term complication management. However, on both personal and professional levels he is very engaged with past, present and future developments in dental technology and their impact on the profession. Dr. Johnson is focused on the next horizons in dentistry and always willing to share what he sees coming.

About OmniSmile

OmniSmile is the effort to consolidate Dr. Johnson’s understanding of the present-day possibilities in dentistry as well as his vision of its future, for the benefit of all dental professionals and patients alike. Only through outreach and education, connecting and contributing all of his resources in academics, clinical experience, dental technology, business integrations, and professional networking can that vision become reality. OmniSmile distills that value and streamlines it for open access. Our services include everything from group training and large event education to direct provider/company-level consulting and analytics as well as clinical mentorship, case design and digital workflow support services.

OmniSmile is not just your window to the future of dental practice, but the open doorway that leads you most directly there.

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